Saturday, June 25, 2022


Bitcoin Wallets

The first and most important tool you need is a bitcoin wallet. There are wallets available on your smartphone, computer, and hardware wallets that are offline. Now ask yourself “What is most suited for my needs?”. If you plan to just buy and hold. A hardware is highly recommended. The price ranges from $50 to $169 depending on what type of hardware you want. If you plan to do some trading, investing, or spend your bitcoin then a wallet on a app or desktop will be your best option. The options are listed below.


$ 55
  • Hardware Wallet


$ 59
  • Hardware Wallet


  • Desktop/App Wallet

How To Buy Bitcoin

The Coin Income mainly focus on earning crypto and investing crypto. However, I understand some people may want to get out of fiat and into bitcoin. So I looked through all the options we have around the world to buy bitcoin and listed them below. Please take the time to look into each option to see which crypto exchange accepts people from your country. Some options are better than others but the important thing is you get bitcoin right now and not later.


Note: Highly recommeded
  • Bank deposits accepted
  • Credit/Debit cards accepted
  • Crypto debit card available

Note: One of the best crypto apps
  • Bank deposits accepted
  • Credit/Debit cards accepted
  • Crypto debit card available


Note: Easy to use but high fees
  • Bank deposits accepted
  • Credit/Debit cards accepted
  • Fees are high


Note: BTC price can lag behind here
  • Bank deposits accepted
  • Credit/Debit cards accepted
  • Not the best security


Note: Easy for US, UK, & EU
  • Bank Deposits
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Crypto debit card available


Note: Peer to Peer Trading
  • Bank deposits accepted
  • Credit/Debit cards accepted
  • Over 300 Payment Options

Earn Bitcoin

There are many ways to earn bitcoin online. I would like to take you through a list of options from the lowest income being bitcoin faucets to running a business in the crypto space. No matter what you do in this space, building your bitcoin will be the easiest thing you do. Keeping your bitcoin maybe in a different story given we all want to do things in life and that cost money.

Working In The Bitcoin World

The best way to earn bitcoin is start a business and accept bitcoin or get a job in the crypto space and get paid in bitcoin. The website I recommend to hire someone or find a job in the crypto space is

Interesting Ways To Earn Bitcoin

Use your computer to mine altcoins and have them converted into bitcoin automaticlly. Head over to our crypto mining page to learn how to beginning mining.

Bitcoin Faucets is a low effort, low income way to earn bitcoin. Highly recommend doing these if you currently don’t have any other way to earn btc.

Invest Bitcoin

You own bitcoin and want to invest it to earn more bitcoin? This is a great way to grow your bitcoin but there are some risk involved. There are many ways to invest bitcoin into businesses or projects online. Below I will list all of the options I personally use and a few other options I have looked into but are off limits for me due to location.

Bitcoin Interest

Earning interest on your bitcoin holdings is the easiest way to earn more bitcoin. Just like a bank account, you can deposit your bitcoin and earn interest on it. Head over to our bitcoin interest rates page to learn about all the different interest rates and the companies that provide them. 

Bitcoin Dividends

Earning dividends is another way to earn more bitcoin. You can receive bitcoin from exchanges or casinos by holding their tokens. Head over to our bitcoin dividends page to see which online casinos and crypto exchanges offer this.

Other Options For Qualified Investors

BnkToTheFuture – Platform to invest in companies.

The Sun Exchange – Platform to invest in solar power projects.

RealT – Platform to invest in real estate.