Defi For Charity Series: Wholesome Portfolio – Week #1

Last Saturday, I looked at my total holdings and thought to myself. What can I do to bring in some income and do some good with it while challenging myself to make better gains? Decentralized Finance (Defi for short) seems to be the thing to do these days. Although, with the transaction fees going in and out of projects. Anything under $1,000 worth of crypto just doesn’t seem worth it or is it?

Personally, I like a challenge, and given I only had 0.01 btc and 1 week of mining on my gaming pc worth of ethereum (0.016668 eth) to play. I thought this was a perfect start to a challenge to build up an eth asset portfolio from very little and to give back once I reach my goal. Of course, I set some ground rules to add extra funding listed on the crypto charities page.

I named the portfolio “Wholesome” because what’s more wholesome than giving money to help others? Anyway, given the fact I didn’t start with much means its going to be a long road to watch this portfolio grow. Also, once its big enough, watch myself grow as a asset manager. The first goal is to reach over $1,000 in value. Once the goal is reached then the goal is to maintain growing over 1% per month in order to payout 1% of the portfolio every month to which ever charity is selected.

Wholesome Portfolio Week #1 Results

The first thing I had to do was convert 0.01 btc to 0.318177 eth to start the portfolio. I did this quickly by using the crypto swap page. The second thing I did was decide which pair I was going to do in defi and which protocol to farm an income. Since I am bullish on bitcoin and ethereum, I thought why not use that pair, and at the time sushiswap seem to have an ok yield for the pair.

I used zapper to invest in the pair on sushiswap. This converted the eth into 0.00464432 wbtc/0.14953467 weth and put the funds into sushiswap. After that, I finally received the ethereum from the mining pool. Then I put the wbtc/weth LP token into sushiswap farming, not sure if this was necessary or not to gain sushi. It’s all a learning process for me at this point but let’s see what this has done after a week.

At the time of writing this, the assets in sushiswap are the following; 0.00456766 wbtc, 0.15211825 weth, and I can claim 0.09067105 sushi. I still have the unused eth that was left sitting in the wallet. Click here and you can keep track of the wholesome portfolio at zapper.

Weeks/AssetsEthereumWrapped EthereumWrapped BitcoinSushi
Starting Balance0.01820.149534670.004644320
Week 10.01820.152118250.004567660.09067105

Comparing the starting balance to today’s balance in USD value, BTC value, and ETH value. We are down overall due to paying fees to get this all set up. At the time of writing this, the current values are ₿0.0097, Ξ0.3223, and $182.18. Next week I will have a table setup to compare values in all 3 currencies. I’m interested to see how this develops from week to week.

If you’re interested in giving crypto to charities, I recommend looking at the nonprofit organizations listed on The Giving Block. Also, if any of my articles help you in any way, and you feel the need to give me a tip. Tip the site by using the brave browser tip function or send ethereum/erc20 asset to the wholesome portfolio address: 0x7Ca13AaEd0A84233c49D5bE56b75959A6Dd0426a