Defi For Charity Series: Wholesome Portfolio – Week #2

Last week was the first complete week of the wholesome portfolio. You can check out the wholesome portfolio week 1 results. The way I see things so far is the best option for the portfolio is to keep the assets in sushiswap. The research I have done on the tokenomics on the SUSHI token shows that the asset is completely undervalued.

The protocol is set up to allow 1/3 of the SUSHI rewards to be claim while 2/3 of the rewards must stake for 6 months. Given the recent price action of both bitcoin and ethereum vs the US dollar. I don’t see a reason to remove the assets from the sushiswap protocol.

Also, I expect a jump in price in ETH vs BTC in the near future. We could very well see our assets rebalance close to the entry balance. Because after bitcoin quick moves to the upside are followed by altcoins being lead by ethereum against the bitcoin as well as the US dollar. The longer we have the assets sitting in sushiswap the better chance the smallholdings will collect fees.

Wholesome Portfolio Week #2 Results

Weeks/AssetsEthereumWrapped EthereumWrapped BitcoinSushi
Starting Balance0.01820.149534670.004644320
Week 10.01820.152118250.004567660.09067105
Week 20.01820.158302480.004393580.18343495

If you look at week 2 results compared to week 1, you can see a lot of traders dumped their ETH for WBTC. I expect to see this type of trading until ETH against BTC turns bullish again. Now let’s take a look at the value of the portfolio this week compared to last week in BTC, ETH, and USD. I finally expected the value to be up in USD and ETH but unsure about BTC.

Weeks/CurrenciesBitcoinEthereumUS Dollar
Week 1₿0.0097Ξ0.3223$182.18
Week 2₿0.0093Ξ0.3358$221.41

Week over week we’re up in ETH and USD as expected and down in BTC. We’re only down 40k sats but if I had to compare this to our starting balance before converting btc into eth then buying wbtc and weth. I would say we’re down about 100k sats. I fully expected sometime this coming week ethereum will lead the altcoins into the alt season we all been waiting for the moment bitcoin passed $20k. During the altseason, I can see this portfolio passing 0.01btc in value.

If you would like to keep track of the portfolio day-to-day and not wait for my weekly reports. You can check out our crypto charities page. If you would like to donate to a charity using crypto, head over to The Giving Block. Well, I don’t recommend doing this last option, it’s still an option. You can give ethereum or an asset on ethereum to the portfolio directly at: 0x7Ca13AaEd0A84233c49D5bE56b75959A6Dd0426a