Defi For Charity Series: Wholesome Portfolio – Week #3

This week completely didn’t go the way I was thinking it would. Just as the altcoins started to make a move, the SEC decided to sue Ripple, the company that developed XRP. The news made all coins dump across the market but the head of the SEC left 2 days after spearheading the lawsuit. Bitcoin started moon on Christmas day in bitcoin fashion and the alts followed against the US dollar. However, most altcoins fell against bitcoin including ETH.

With that being said, the results for week 3 looks better than week 2 results but only in ETH and USD values. The portfolio has fallen week over week in BTC value. I can see this turning around as soon as Ethereum finally moons against BTC.

The way the ETH/BTC chart is looking, I may have called the Ethereum rally way too early. With bitcoin seeing new all-time highs, I should have expected some people to dump eth to hold BTC waiting for the right time to get back into Ethereum.

Wholesome Portfolio Week #3 Results

Weeks/AssetsEthereumWrapped EthereumWrapped BitcoinSushi
Starting Balance0.01820.149534670.004644320
Week 10.01820.152118250.004567660.09067105
Week 20.01820.158302480.004393580.18343495
Week 30.01820.170097240.004094090.275

Total Value Week #3 Results

Weeks/CurrenciesBitcoinEthereumUS Dollar
Week 1₿0.0097Ξ0.3223$182.18
Week 2₿0.0093Ξ0.3358$221.41
Week 3₿0.0086Ξ0.3592$228.10

If you would like to keep track of the portfolio day-to-day and not wait for my weekly reports. You can check out our crypto charities page. If you would like to donate to a charity using crypto, head over to The Giving Block. Well, I don’t recommend doing this last option, it’s still an option. You can give ethereum or an asset on ethereum to the portfolio directly at: 0x7Ca13AaEd0A84233c49D5bE56b75959A6Dd0426a