Defi For Charity Series: Wholesome Portfolio – Week #4

In the week 3 report, I said I expect people to dump ETH and hold BTC waiting for the right time to get back into ETH. Bitcoin rallied pass $30k and even more, people dumped their ETH for BTC. Personally, if I had any more available bitcoin to invest I would be buying more ethereum at the moment.

Throughout the week there was one time, where the value of the portfolio was close to 0.36 eth. The only thing that stops me from pulling the funds out of sushiswap, converting everything to eth, and jumping into a higher paying liquidity pool on sushiswap was the high fees.

The ethereum network fees prevented me from making the change from WBTC-ETH pair making 0.04% daily to YETI-ETH pair making 0.79% daily. So I plan to leave this pair as is since I doubt I will find a chance to switch these over. So when we receive the mining payout on the 8th. I plan to wait until fees are low to either add to the WBTC-ETH position or start a new position. It all depends on the fees.

Wholesome Portfolio Week #4 Results

Weeks/AssetsEthereumWrapped EthereumWrapped BitcoinSushi
Starting Balance0.01820.149534670.004644320
Week 10.01820.152118250.004567660.09067105
Week 20.01820.158302480.004393580.18343495
Week 30.01820.170097240.004094090.275
Week 40.01820.171410340.004071820.35953732

Total Value Week #4 Results

Weeks/CurrenciesBitcoinEthereumUS Dollar
Week 1₿0.0097Ξ0.3223$182.18
Week 2₿0.0093Ξ0.3358$221.41
Week 3₿0.0086Ξ0.3592$228.10
Week 4₿0.0086Ξ0.3623$282.78

As I was putting together the data for this article, the value in ETH was slowly going up, and fees weren’t as high as earlier this week. However, I realize the fees would eat the gains we’ve made so far. I’m thinking the smart thing to do would be to leave this pair as is and start another pair on the 8th in order to gain more sushi quicker. This way we don’t lose any of the gains made due to fees.