Defi For Charity Series: Wholesome Portfolio – Week #5

Sorry, I am late on this update. I spent the weekend looking for graphic cards to buy. I noticed this portfolio value in US dollars was enough to buy a GPU and thought maybe that would be a better solution to grow faster. Given that this portfolio size is so small. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any available GPUs and I looked for both AMD and Nvidia.

This is why the portfolio is still there. I wanted to make sure the GPU worth buying was available before selling any of the crypto. Also, given that the ethereum fees are so high. I thought it would benefit the portfolio more if I waited until end of the month to split the mining income to the portfolio vs moving the first weeks mining income to the portfolio.

I believe the month’s average will be over the first weeks’ income. However, don’t expect this to be really huge since I am not a full-time miner. I just use my personal gaming pc to mine 24/7 given the fact I haven’t been in the mood to play anything in months. That’s why I thought adding another GPU would be a smart move for this portfolio. But scalpers know both gamers and miners are looking for new graphic cards. They bought them all and up the price.

Personally, I don’t believe in paying scalpers. So I won’t be paying $900 for a 3060ti, when the price is suppose to be $400. Now onto the current holdings and value of the wholesome portfolio after today’s pullback in the crypto market.

Wholesome Portfolio Week #5 Results

Weeks/AssetsEthereumWrapped EthereumWrapped BitcoinSushi
Starting Balance0.01820.149534670.004644320
Week 10.01820.152118250.004567660.09067105
Week 20.01820.158302480.004393580.18343495
Week 30.01820.170097240.004094090.275
Week 40.01820.171410340.004071820.35953732
Week 50.01820.151892160.0046190.45373029

Total Value Week #5 Results

Weeks/CurrenciesBitcoinEthereumUS Dollar
Week 1₿0.0097Ξ0.3223$182.18
Week 2₿0.0093Ξ0.3358$221.41
Week 3₿0.0086Ξ0.3592$228.10
Week 4₿0.0086Ξ0.3623$282.78
Week 5₿0.0098Ξ0.3232$312.40

Looking at the value after today’s pullback, we couldn’t afford the graphics card anyway. No need for me to feel a bit pissed off about the scalpers but still pissed off about the scalpers. I will keep my eye on the GPU market because I do believe we could make some serious gains for this portfolio if we did a combo of mining income and yield farming.

Maybe build out a full 6 to 8 card mining rig, yield farm with the income, and that way we could make nice size monthly payments to projects helping people or moving this world towards a better life for everyone. One step at a time.