How To Build Passive Income With Crypto Online Casinos

This article is NOT financial advice and I am not a financial advisor. This article only show’s how to build passive income with crypto online casinos via dividends. Do your own research to see if this investment strategy is right for you.

Before I begin explaining the strategy and how the dividends are paid out. You will need a few things before we begin. You will need a bitcoin wallet, ethereum wallet, and tron wallet. Personally, I use Stakecube to hold bitcoin and ethereum. I use tronlink browser extension to hold my tron. This tron wallet is a must for part of the strategy.

You will also need an account at each of the online casinos; BetFury, GooseBet, and Chips. There are other online casinos that offer dividends but these 3 are the ones that I personally used to build a passive income.

How Are Dividends Paid Out?

First you need to understand how the dividends are funded and paid out before jumping into the deep end of the pool. Dividends are paid from the profits made by the online casino. Normally its 50% of the casino’s profit. Some casinos have a set percentage they will pay out daily while others payout the whole 50%.

Casinos like BetFury and GooseBet payout 3% of the dividends daily. This is great for investors and players alike because you can count on it being paid daily. Casinos like Chips payout the whole dividend daily. This means if a player wins big and the casino loses money, this also means no dividends because no profits to share.

Some people prefer the set percentage daily because there’s always a payout. Some prefer all at once even though there will be some days with no payouts. It all depends on how you prefer it. However, for this strategy we want stable income first before we go for the wild swings.

How To Start Investing For Casino Dividends?

First casino to start with is BetFury. Dividends are paid out to holders of the BFG BTC and BFG TRX tokens. The tokens we want are the BFG BTC for the maximum amount of dividends. The token isn’t available on any exchanges. So we will have to use the mogul method to mine the tokens.

The mogul method is for investors and not gamblers. We will use the dice game, set the game to 95% win chance with the minimum btc bet allowed, and have the game autoroll. Its going to take awhile to lose all the btc but it will give us the maximum amount of tokens to get the dividends daily.

Dividends are paid out in BTC, TRX, USDT, & BTT. You want to keep using the mogul method until you reach the amount of BFG BTC you want. Everyone has their own set goals so I can’t say what to aim for. The TRX and USDT are needed for the next steps in the strategy I personally use. Do whatever you like with the BTT.

Now to build the passive income at GooseBet. I use the tron (TRX) from BetFury every time I have 10 or more. I withdraw to my tron wallet and go on the site trontrade and buy as much GBT as I can. Which is the token on GooseBet.

I bet you’re thinking why not just convert some btc to tron and buy the token. Here’s why. Using the mogul method at BetFury with BTC pays more dividends. So we put the investment into BetFury and use the tron dividends to buy the goosebet tokens. This allows our investment to grow bigger than just investing in one casino.

GooseBet dividends are paid out in BTC, ETH, TRX, and USDT. I use the mogul method with BTC and ETH to grow my GBT holdings as well as withdraw the TRX to buy more goosebet tokens.

I bet you’re wondering what to do with the USDT from BetFury and GooseBet. This is where we invest in Chips casino using the mogul method. You can’t buy the tokens on any of the exchanges so we have to mine them.

Remember, Chips is a casino that pays out all the dividends daily so if gamblers are winning and there’s no profit for the day. We won’t receive any dividends. This is why I use the dividends from the other casinos and not invest in it directly because we needed a stable passive income before jumping into this one.

Final Thoughts On Passive Income From Crypto Casinos

Once you have reached your goal on all 3 casinos. You can enjoy the passive income, look for another casino to do the same strategy with, or take the money and put it into a different type of investment.

I think once you have a passive income base. You can afford to look for other investments all the time and have the funds to jump in to test the waters. This is why I am always looking for investments to build passive income with. You can take a look at the crypto dividends page for investments I have jumped into myself.