How To Start A Crypto Portfolio From Nothing

Are you trying to get into crypto without any money to invest? Cannot mine because your power cost is to high? However, you have time on your hands to focus on crypto?

Today I am going to take you through the process of earning crypto daily from faucets, getting interest payments on that crypto, as well as learning about crypto and getting paid for it.

First steps you will need to take is creating the accounts; Coinbase, StakeCube, and Coinpot. You will need each of these accounts to follow the steps below to start earning crypto everyday.

Now that you have the accounts. Let us get started earning crypto. The first goal is to earn 0.0005 BTC. This will not take long to do as the steps below will tell you how to do this fast.

Faucets – Free Crypto

Below is a list of crypto faucets that pay directly to your coinpot account. I provided you with the time you need to wait between claims. Also, the referral percentage if you refer any of your friends. Coinpot will allow you to convert the other cryptocurrencies into bitcoin. So this will help you speed up to the goal of 0.0005 BTC.

SiteTimerReferralClaim Now
Bonus Bitcoin15 Minutes50%Claim Now
Bit Fun5 Minutes50%Claim Now
Moon Bitcoin5 Minutes25%Claim Now
Moon Bitcoin Cash5 Minutes25%Claim Now
Moon Dash5 Minutes25%Claim Now
Moon Litecoin5 Minutes25%Claim Now
Moon Dogecoin5 Minutes25%Claim Now

Once you reach 0.0005 BTC in your coinpot account. Log into your stakecube and get your “bitcoin deposit address” because this is where you will need to send the bitcoin from your coinpot account. Once you have the bitcoin address, withdraw your bitcoin from coinpot using that bitcoin address.

Once the bitcoin has been deposited into your stakecube account. You will now start earning 7.57% yearly interest on your balance with 0.02% paid out daily. This allows your account to compound. No matter what you do, never let your stakecube balance drop below 0.0005 BTC. You want to earn interest payments every day.

You can add more bitcoin to your balance by doing even more bitcoin faucets we have listed on our website.

Earn Crypto – Free Crypto To Learn

This option is not available in every country. Coinbase give away cryptocurrency to people while teaching them about different coins and testing them on what they learned. Currently, you can earn 13 different coins from Coinbase Earn.

Most of the time you end up on a waiting list for each coin. Unless you have an invite for that coin to skip the waiting list. An invite is using someone else referral link for that coin. Each person has an invite limit and some coins don’t have an invite link. Here’s the invite links I currently have available.

If I come across other opportunities to earn crypto from learning. I will add to this article.

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