Masternode owners help secure the blockchain and get reward with the cryptocurrency. The first crypto coin to put this blockchain tech to use is DASH. Of course, being the first coin the price of the coin and the passive income is one of, if not the best masternode to own.

However, DASH price sittings around $100 (at the time of writing) and you need 1,000 DASH in order to set up a masternode on a server. This limits the amount of people who can afford to run a DASH masternode. This gives the average investor a few of choices.

  • Option 1: Look for a cheaper crypto that has a masternode system built into the blockchain, research its use case, and then buy the amount of coins needed, pay for a server, and setup the masternode.
  • Option 2: Same as option 1 but you have a professional service handle the masternode setup and management for a small monthly fee.
  • Option 3: Look for a shared masternode service that allows investors to pool their coins together in order to receive the benefits of owning a masternode that’s a bit expensive. Such services charges a fee to run the masternode for the investors.

I know everyone getting into crypto isn’t some technical coder. Some people will need help running their own masternode or prefer a professional to handle things for them.

I know a little coding and I still prefer professionals to handle somethings for me. This is why I recommend if you’re not a techie, go with options 2 or 3. Find a professional service that suits your needs.



The service I use for shared masternodes, staking pools, interest, and managed masternodes is Stakecube. Rating: 10/10