Saturday, June 25, 2022

Crypto Mining For Beginners

Are you looking to mine crypto for the first time? This article will provide you with the most beginner friendly information to help you get started mining crypto today.

The first thing you want to do is bookmark this page. Just in case you lose internet connection or need to comeback because you forgot something. The second thing you need to know is what graphics card (GPU) you have in your computer.

Please don’t try to mine crypto on your phone, tablet, or laptop. There are better options for you than mining. It all depends on you. Do you have time, money, or both?

  • Do you have time but no money? Check out the crypto faucets section. It will provide you with information on how to start earning crypto.
  • Do you have money but no time? Check out the crypto interest section. It will provide you with information on how to buy crypto and earn interest.
  • Do you have time and money? Keep read this article, you might want to invest some money and time into building your own mining rig. In the off chance you don’t want to mine after reading this article, there will be some options for you at the end.

If you have one of the newest GPUs, you can check your hashrate on one of our pages AMD hashrate/Nvidia hashrate. Now that you know what GPU is in your computer. Click here to open a new tab to, this way you can check how much you could make mining with your PC. If you’re not happy with the amount you will earn daily mining with your PC. Please read the section above that was focused towards phone, tablet, and laptop users.

How To Mine Crypto With A GPU

Since I don’t know each persons skill level with tech that reads this article. I will put this section of the article in 2 parts.

Mining For Bitcoin With GPUs

If you just want to make money mining or just want to have bitcoin. I recommend using NiceHash. Its by far the most beginner friendly mining software/service available.

The nicehash software will check your GPU with a few different mining algorithms to see which is most profitable for you. Your computer will mine coins while nicehash will pay you in bitcoin.

4 Easy Steps To Make Money Mining

  1. Sign up to Coinbase for bitcoin wallet
  2. Signup to Nicehash to start mining
  3. Withdraw bitcoin from Nicehash to Coinbase
  4. Sell bitcoin for fiat (USD, EUR, etc…)

GPU Crypto Mining

Now for those of you that want the coins you mine. You will need a different miner, you will need a mining pool for the coin you plan on mining, and a wallet to hold it. So lets start in order of wallet, software, and pool. Since I don’t know the coin whattomine said was the most profitable for you. I will just use ETH as an example. Here’s a list of recommended wallets, don’t worry if you’re not mining ETH I am sure one of these wallets will have the coin you’re mining.

Wallets: Coinbase, Cex, Ledger, Torzor, Exodus, Gruada

The mining software I recommend is awesomeminer. Its free if you’re using 1 computer to mine. Anything beyond that and you will have to pay for it. This software has multi-mining software in it. So you should be fine no matter the mining algorithm. Finding a good for the coin you want to mine can be super easy for popular coins but somewhat hard for new coins. Since we’re using ETH as an example, you could use something like and go to the coin page and scroll down to find a mining pool. For newer coins, you will need to find their website and see if they have a list of mining pools or do a search in your favorite search engine.

Crypto Earnings Vs Power Cost

Remember the most important thing about mining crypto is how much are you paying for power. After doing the math on how much you will make from mining vs how much it costs you in power. Is it still worth mining? If your power is free or cheap then it might be worth getting into mining. However, if the cost of mining is to much for you then your time and money is better spent on staking and masternodes.

  • Don’t want to mine anymore but still want crypto? Maybe staking crypto or running masternodes is your thing. Check out the section on Crypto staking & masternodes.
  • Do you still want to mine crypto? Start mining on your PC or jump into the rabbit hole and build a mining rig yourself.
  • Do you want to see what mining can earn you without using your own PC? Read our article on how to rent hash power.