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Rollercoin is a browser game, you build a character, and you become a crypto miner. There are 2 ways to become a crypto miner in Rollercoin. You can buy the racks and miners, place them in your home, and start mining. The other option is to play the mini games, which provides you hashing power.

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I’ve personally been playing the game for a week or so, at the time of writing this. During that time, I’ve been searching the internet, reading, and watching other people’s strategies.

Surprisingly, people who deposited funds to buy miners and people that are free to play have something in common. Both are playing the mini-games to grow and maintain higher hashing power in the game.

Learning this, I looked into which mini-games gave the most hashing power while using the least amount of my time. Then I thought I could just focus on one game but there’s a cooldown after you play the game. So I had to pick the game I would max out the difficulty to get the max reward every time I played it. Then pick 2 games to bounce between while the main mini-game was on cooldown. Once their difficulty and cooldown were high, I had to put other mini-games in as a filler.

Rollercoin Mini-games

The strategy for the mini-games is simple. You want to max out coin-match, use 2048 coins and coin flip as your high tier fillers, and coinclick and flappy rocket as your low fillers. Here’s why I put them in these tiers. Coin-match is by far the easiest game to beat in a short amount of time while paying you a high amount of hash power. Plus its fun if you enjoy puzzle type games.

2048 coins and coin flip both pay a high amount of hash power while still being easy to beat quickly. Although, you will have to have a good memory if you’re going to beat coin flip quickly. Personally, my memory is bad so I had some struggles, once the difficulty gets to about 5 or higher.

Flappy rocket and coinclick are your quick games but low paying games. Use these when coin match, 2048 coins, and coin flip are on cooldown at the same time. It happens when you beat all 3 of them a lot.

Hash Power Split

Ok, you had your fun playing the mini-games, now its time to get back into the main game. Your hash power split is super important to reaching your goals. Remember, the hash power on all 3 coins goes up and down all the time while it slowly goes higher over time as more players buy miners. So I recommend a split base on your goals and I will put them in 3 categories.

Free To Play Strategy

You like the game but don’t have funds to deposit into the game right? Don’t worry, this strategy is perfect for you. You already learned how to get the most hash power from the mini-games but what to do with that hash power right? At first, you want to have 100% of the hash power in bitcoin.

Here’s why you want to do that. The ingame shop only accepts 2 currencies; bitcoin and the rollertoken. The rollertoken is only for selected items, so you’re left going after everything else. The game is set up in a way that you have to put your miners on a rack, you can’t put them on the floor.

So your first purchase will be a rack. I recommend waiting until you have enough bitcoin to buy the rack and miner together. Unless you like seeing progress then, by all means, buy the rack the moment you get enough for it.

Now that you have a miner as your base hashing power. You will never start with 0 hash power again. Keep using this strategy until you’re happy with the amount of hash power. Once you’re happy with the hash power, I recommend doing the next strategy below.

Build & Withdraw Strategy

This strategy is focused on building up to be a really good miner in the game while taking a cut over time. The hash power split is; 60% bitcoin, 20% doge, 20% ethereum. The reason for this is simple, you want most of your hash power going to bitcoin to keep buying more racks and miners while enjoying the income from doge and ethereum.

I bet you’re wondering why not a 60/40 split and forget a 3rd coin right? While a lot of players think this way which is why you see doge and eth hash power changing a lot. You want hash power in both to take advantage of this. When doge hash power is high and eth hash power is low, you want hash power in both because they can change at any moment.

An easy way to understand this strategy is bitcoin = reinvest, doge = withdraw, ethereum = withdraw.

All Things Balance Strategy

This strategy is simple and focus on balance of hash power for all 3 coins. 34% btc, 33% doge, 33% eth. This strategy is for those of you who have buy a lot of miners and don’t want to focus on the hash power of each coin to see which is best that given day. The balance of hash power will have payments coming your way at different times.

Honestly, from what I have seen in my research. This strategy is normally used by people who believes in the game, actively plays/promotes the game, and has a long term hopeful view of the game as they know the breakeven point on the miners they bought is going to take awhile.

I didn’t add people who got into this game early and bought a ton of miners because they already reached their breakeven point and is now receiving profit from the game. Surprisingly, from what I’ve seen some still play the game, trying to stay on the leaderboard or just having a ton of fun.

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