Top 3 Conservative Crypto Portfolios

This article is focused on people who plan to buy and hold cryptocurrency. I put together a list of 3 conservative portfolios to buy and hold. I won’t say which is best because I am not a financial advisor nor can I decide which one is best for you. Remember to do your own research before investing money into anything. I didn’t put these in any type of order but I will say I agree with #1. If I was doing a conservative portfolio.

3Bitcoin Maximalist

Portfolio: 100% Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is gold in the digital world. The perfect cryptocurrency to be used as a reserve asset. If you look at any crypto to crypto exchange, you will see all altcoins pair against bitcoin because bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency in the world. The name of this portfolio is “Bitcoin Maximalist” because it’s named after people who will not own any other cryptocurrency. They believe there should only be bitcoin and nothing else. I don’t agree with them but I respect and understand their viewpoint since I keep all my savings in bitcoin.

2Ethereum Purist

Portfolio: 100% Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the financial hub of the digital world. Ethereum is leading the world into decentralized finance. If someone needs a loan but doesn’t want to sell their cryptocurrency. They’re only a few clicks away from depositing ETH as collateral for a loan and receive USD stable coins to do as they wish with it. The name of the portfolio is “Ethereum Purist” because there are people that will only hold ethereum and assets on the ethereum blockchain. I respect and understand their viewpoint as I believe defi (decentralized finance) is the way of the future.

1Crypto Lifestyle

Portfolio: 80% BTC, 20% ETH

This portfolio puts most of your wealth into bitcoin as your digital gold while having some exposure to the future of finance with a 20% allocation into ethereum. In the random event, you may need some funds for the short term you could always get a loan, pay your bills, and when you get paid. Payback the loan and the whole time you still owned all of your assets. However, I don’t recommend putting all of your fiat currency into crypto. You should always have a little to cover your lifestyle.

Since you have looked at the portfolios, you might want to start building your portfolio now? Well below is a list of exchanges where you can buy crypto. I don’t recommend holding your crypto on an exchange, so you might want to buy a hardware wallet. If you prefer not to hold onto the cryptocurrency yourself. You could do as I have done and moved the funds to a company that provides interest on your holdings. I also listed those below as well.

Exchanges: Binance, Coinbase,

Hardware wallets: Ledger, Trezor

Interest Providers: Celsius Network, Blockfi, Nexo

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